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Burnt Sienna Colonial Slate Heather Blend Moire Black

Moire Black

Resawn Shake Weathered Wood White CoolStar

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Green Information

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

CertainTeed's Flintlastic line offers an APP modified bitumen roofing system. APP (atactic polypropylene) modified bitumen membranes are self-adhering when heated using a roofing torch. The addition of the atactic polypropylene gives plastic characteristics to the roof and provides enhanced performance to traditional asphalt. When coupled with reinforcements, such as polyester (superior elongation abilities) or fiber glass (high tensile strength), they create high-performance roof membranes with superior performance and longevity. The Flintlastic® APP modified bitumen roofing system uses:

Base/Ply Sheets

  • CertainTeed® Flintlastic® APP Base T: Designed for use as a base sheet for APP modified bitumen roofing systems. Flintlastic® APP Base T will provide additional strength and improved handling and pliability when used as the first ply over nailable, non-nailable and insulated substrates.
  • CertainTeed® Flintlastic® STA: This is used as a base or ply sheet and is suitable for most low sloped roof decks and may be used for roof system flashings including wall treatments, based flashings and field flashings.

Cap Sheets

CertainTeed® Flintlastic® GTA: This is a cap sheet in the APP system and is suitable for new construction and reroofing installations. Flintlastic® GTA is available in 6 colors plus white to complement the most popular CertainTeed shingles.

  • Flintlastic® GTA CoolStar®
  • Flintlastic® GTA-FR (Fire Resistant)
  • Flintlastic® GTA-FR CoolStar®



Energy Efficient APP Modified Bitumen Roofing

Flintlastic GTA White and Flintlastic GTA-FR White is an approved ENERGY STAR® product for slopes greater than 2"/12".

Flintlastic GTA CoolStar and GTA-FR CoolStar meets the requirements established by California Title 24 and ENERGY STAR®. CoolStar products use CertainTeed's reflective CoolStar granules.

To meet ENERGY STAR standards, a low slope roofing surface must have a solar reflectivity of .65 (meaning it reflects 65% of the radiation away from the surface and absorbs 35%).

In general, an ENERGY STAR-labeled product can help reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

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